Client love.

Here's what clients have to say :-)


Influencer Marketing & Content Mentor

"The universe always has a way of having your back and that was evident with Lia coming into my life at a time when I needed her. What started out as just needing a “little support and guidance” with my finances has flourished into the most incredible working relationship. Being self employed can sometimes be a lonely place and having the opportunity to work with Lia has empowered me to not only take huge control of my finances but also see even more possibilities within my earnings and business. I can confidently say she has been crucial in my personal growth over the last 18 months and imperative to where I’m going. Couldn’t recommend her enough - she has such an extensive amount of financial knowledge but also the ear (and energy) you need to help get your own financial clarity in order.."


Self-Love Coach & Facilitator

"Yooooooo peoples!!!!! Lia is the real MVP! Today we had not 1 but 2 mahoooooosive breakthroughs! My business is about to pop because I have a new found clarity. I’m tired so I’m not writing about it but I truly believe in showing gratitude in some form or another and well…This is me, showing you, Lia that I’m truly grateful! I am super excited about the next 12 months! I’m ready to help even more women write their *Self Love Story*. So freakin’ excited xXx"


Property Investor & HMO Operator

"Can I just give a big shout out and recommendation for Lia Loewenthal and her business Get Comfy With Money. I signed up to her financial coaching programme and it’s been hugely benefial. Lia has massively helped me understand my business more, in terms of goals, actions, drilling down deep into my finances, discussing every aspect of my business, giving me clarity and confidence - please go and speak to her if you want to organise your business and headspace and get some incredible support and accountability."


Life Coach

"Lia helped me understand my values around money. She made me feel less ashamed about my lack of knowledge around money management. In her group sessions she’s always been inclusive and has had an intersectional perspective into finance and what challenges one can face. Business wise she’s been very supportive in her advice and asked tough thought provoking questions that really challenged my imposter syndrome. I’d definitely recommend her!!"


Professional Organiser & Declutter Coach

"Working with Lia was great. We set goals from the start to ensure I felt I had achieved everything I wanted by the end of our sessions. When we began working together I did not have any sort of system in place for paying myself, I did not know how much I spent personally and I felt lost. I also had targets I wanted to meet personally and was unsure how I would achieve them. Lia talked me through everything and was calm and positive throughout every session."


BJJ & Yoga Instructor

"Lia had an incredible way of making me feel relaxed, yet energised and confident. Lia has transformed my life. I no longer fear money, I no longer spend weeks avoiding looking at bank statements or accepting low pay in unfulfilling jobs. As a result of our sessions, I have more self belief than ever. I now welcome money matters because I have the tools necessary to do so. In fact, I am now in my dream job, in a new country, debt free and thriving! I hope everyone gets the opportunity to work with Lia, because it will truly change your life!"


Sober Tour Coordinator/Manager 

"Hugely organised, empathetic and a genuine force of nature, Lia helped lift the emotional burdens I had about money so that I could level up my business." 


Junior Editor and Illustrator

"Lia and I were able to decipher my limiting beliefs surrounding finances, and build upon my money knowledge. I felt heard, understood, not judged and supported. Lia has a breadth of knowledge in different fields: business, finances, marketing etc, and she helped me tackle and overcome my hurdles in order to help me be in control of my finances, and in turn, develop my side hustle."


Associate Dentist

"Lia has helped me to get past the dread of doing my finances and make money more interesting and relatable. It's inspired me to make monthly finance dates. By breaking down my finances into monthly dates and making the time less daunting I feel more in control and less overwhelmed. Thank you!!!"