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Hi! I'm Lia, and I founded Get Comfy With Money in April 2020. I know how it feels to want to build your own business and live your life YOUR way. I was a struggling entrepreneur with no real direction and a whole lot of debt. I had attempted to start several businesses during my 20’s and had consequently landed myself in over £27,000 worth of credit card debt. I needed to make money fast, but I didn’t want to go back into a 9-5 job…I still believed that I could make a business out of my passion - which is helping others to THRIVE doing what they love. But I had no real education, inconsistent income, no roadmap or plan on how to get there, and no clarity.


I worked really hard, I gained a few clients, made a little money and I knew I was willing to do what it took, but I quickly learned a hard lesson: you can have all the desire & motivation in the world… but unless you know how to create a CLEAR PATH to YOUR GOALS and stick consistently to the steps along the way… unless you know how to overcome your mental roadblocks and how to organise yourself - it’s not possible to build your dream business.


So I set off on a mission to learn everything I could about managing money and building a thriving business, in an effort to bring myself from inconsistent results and zero clarity to making consistent income and helping others do the same.


In my search to master everything about money and business, I was able to become so confident about my own finances and so clear about my business mission that I pulled myself out of credit card debt completely. I was able to buy a house and live my dream of working anywhere, travelling constantly and continuing to work with clients all over the world... And everyone started asking how they could replicate the same results in THEIR lives too.


So, I put together a programme to teach my signature methodology that has allowed me to live the life I want NOW and to feel really confident - and excited - about money. This is how "Get Comfy With Business" was born!



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Hugely organised, empathetic and a genuine force of nature, Lia helped lift emotional burdens I had about money, so that I could level up my business.

Joanne C.

Leslie O.

Lia’s method of valuing passion projects and income generating jobs equally changed my perspective on working on my business for the better

Somehow Lia makes spreadsheets seem fun

Hazel W.

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We are all unique individuals with dreams and passions. As we grow, the world around us begins to influence our identity. This course will lead you on a journey to financial independence, guiding you to run a profitable and sustainable business that aligns with your lifestyles goals  

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Lia Loewenthal and all employees, contractors and affiliates of Get Comfy With Money Ltd are committed to being an anti-racist, diverse, inclusive and equitable organisation. We actively take into account the impact of racism on both our personal and professional lives. We are working to allocate a 30% minimum spending portion of our budget to Black and Indigenous communities on an ongoing basis. We engage both time and money in anti-racist education for all team members and allow space for community members to be heard. It is our commitment to implement the needs expressed by all community members, to ensure the accessibility of our products and services.