6 Steps To Becoming Remarkable In Business

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I want to live an exceptional life. 

I want to sit back at 80 and reflect on the full and rich life I’ve had, bursting with memories of all the things I said yes to and all the people I laughed with. 

Business and lifestyle are one and the same when you’re a business owner. And usually your own personal dreams are tied up into the ones you have for your business. So being remarkable in your personal life will translate to you being so in business. 

Here are the 6 steps to becoming remarkable in business (80 year old you will thank you):


1. Identify your vision

You’ve decided to set up a business. Do you ever stop your daily busyness to reflect on your vision for your life?

What are you doing this all for? 

Is it to create the impact you were put on this planet to have? Is it to give you freedom to focus on your family? Is it because you really enjoy the journey of building something that is yours? Is it so you can work on your terms?

Let’s get into the nitty gritty of your why. This will not only keep you on track to your personal vision, but will keep you driven and focused when business throws challenges your way.

What I'm wondering about is what you would really love for yourself. So often we don’t give ourselves permission to lean into what we really really want.

Would be an ideal week in your life? Write down what you would be doing during this week. What would your relationship with yourself and anyone around you be like? What will you be doing for your business? I want you to get into the details - beginning at the start of the week and moving all the way through it. 

What is your deadline for this dream week becoming your new way of living?

Now summarise your vision and put it up somewhere you see often. The more you focus on the vision, the clearer it will become.

2. Write out your major milestones

The hardest part is starting. When there is a blank canvas it’s very tricky to know where to go. Now you have your vision, you have way more space to start painting by numbers. 

Let’s turn your vision into action. 

Break down your overall vision into the following 4 key goals:

  • Financial - what is your target income?
  • Lifestyle - what does your work / life balance look like?
  • Accolade - what do your achievements or points of recognition look like?
  • Impact - what is your cause?

Next, reflect on what steps you need to take in the first 3 months that will get you closer to these 4 milestones.

In order to have an exceptional life, commit yourself to a set of daily habits. These tiny steps will lead your vision to becoming your reality. 


3. Figure out your drivers 

Now you know your destination, it’s time to work out what fuel your car needs to get driving. 

 What gets you up in the morning? What motivates you to make something great of your life and to excel in business? 

- Challenge or Competition 

Are you ​driven to skyrocket yourself and take people with you? Are you happy to leave your comfort zone, constantly seeking variety and fun? Do you work well with financial targets?

- Relationships

Do you love building connections? Is it important for you to be loved, accepted and to belong? Do you thrive off contributing to and seeing others win

Your WHY (your purpose)

Do you want to contribute to the greater good? Are you always looking for meaning in life? Do you want to leave a legacy?

- Self Development

Perhaps you’re driven by constant learning and growth. Is having passion about the process as important as the end result? Are you curious for constant discovery?

- Power

Do you thrive off being a leader? Are you concerned about driving change and bringing others along for the ride? Do you want to create big, powerful impact?

- Status

Is it important that you feel significance and receive recognition? Do you get great enjoyment from being the one others come to for advice, support or knowledge?

You may find that you are driven by more than one, or that they shift and change throughout your life, becoming more or less important.


4. Look for your obstacles and challenges

Obstacles are external barriers and challenges are internal blocks.

When you are equipped with the understanding of what these could look like, it's far more likely that you will recognise them and learn strategies to overcome them, rather than having them stop you in your tracks.

What are some of the obstacles and challenges you will encounter when trying to reach your 4 main milestones?


5. Set up your support system

Anyone truly exceptional is where they are because of the team they’ve surrounded themselves with. 

From a foundational level of basic functions of support, through to who is going to inspire and guide you. 

People often wonder why they would need a business coach. Everyone who has done great things has had a coach guide them on their path.

Who is going to keep you accountable?


6. Celebrate your wins

Sometimes you get so caught up in the process of setting and achieving goals that you forget how to acknowledge and celebrate when they actually happen!

Staying in touch with your life and business goals, taking time to reflect on, and rewarding yourself will allow you to move into the next cycle or phase, feeling refreshed and accomplished. 



What are the key moments along your journey that you want to make sure you celebrate?

When you achieve your goals of key moments, how are you going to reward yourself? 


Now that you’ve embraced the 6 steps to becoming remarkable in business, what are you going to do to celebrate? ;-)


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