5 Steps To Getting The Pay Rise You Want!

Jul 26, 2022

Asking for a pay rise is uncomfortable, intimidating, and can go totally wrong if you don’t know how or when to do it.

Here are five absolutely crucial things to do in order to get the pay rise you want!


1. Create the ultimate list

A pay rise has to start with you believing you deserve it. If you are someone who tends to be lacking in the self-worth department then get out a pen and paper right now (or you probably just want to use your phone or computer). 

Start with briefly listing all the things you’ve done in your life, not just directly related to your current role, be broad. 

Then get a bit more specific and write down what you’ve done since you’ve been working where you are now. You can add a list of your skills too, don’t forget about the less tangible stuff like people stills! 

Seeing it all written out like this should give you a better idea of the kind of value you’ve added to your role and the potential you have to add even more. If you find this really challenging, ask someone who knows you well to help you. 


2. Check what's out there

Now that you’ve boosted yourself up a little, let’s get to researching. Seeing what other people in your industry earn will help give you an idea of how much to ask for/expect. It’s also a great tool to bring up later if you need to in the meeting. 


3. Timing is everything

When it comes to planning your meeting, be aware of timing. Don’t make the mistake of asking for a pay rise when you know the company is going through financial problems or trying to cut back costs. You can also be a bit strategic and plan this right after an event or project you were involved in that went well.

Timing isn’t just about them though, it’s also very important that you’re in the right space too! If you have a menstrual cycle, you can use this to your advantage and plan around it.

During your ovulation phase (usually about 2 weeks after your period) you are usually feeling your best. This is when our body is doing everything it can to help us find a mate.

We feel more confident, we have better social skills, and even our physical appearance is sharper. If you don’t have a cycle, just make sure you are not already too overwhelmed and that you have plenty of energy. 


4. Make it about them

No one really cares about what you want, they want to know how they can get what they want. 

You need to make them see what they will gain from giving you the pay rise and what they could potentially lose out on if they don't. This has to be done tastefully and it can never sound like a threat or you'll challenge their ego. 

You want it to come from a place of wanting to grow together to help the company prosper. You should leave them with the feeling that you're looking for constant growth and if they don't want to join you, they may lose you to the competition. 

Make them feel like it's an opportunity they can't miss and they will feel inspired to pay you more. 

Remember, people are willing to pay more for what they fear they could lose. 


5. Just ask!

The truth of the matter is that people who get pay rises are usually the people who ask for them! People tend to value you the way you value yourself so it’s entirely up to you. 

This can be both really good and also really challenging. It means you can’t just sit back, work hard and expect someone to pay you more. You have to be proactive.

To put it simply, just ask for the damn pay rise!

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