3 New Goals To Jumpstart Your 2022

2022goals health jumpstart2022 newgoals newyearsresolutions sharing wealth Nov 30, 2021

Do you want to set goals that you’ll actually make happen?

Having something to look forward to and hope for is an important part of being human. The path to getting there may not always run how we want it to, but the journey isn’t as important as knowing where it is you want to head.

Having goals, whether big or small, sets the tone for our years and our day-to-day motions. They give us a sense of purpose, belonging and help us to understand our reason for being here. They’re also great for bringing us a real sense of achievement and pride in ourselves when we do actually reach them.

So firstly...what is your WHY?


So with the year fast approaching an end, I wanted to get ahead and set myself 3 goals, so I can then focus on having fun for December, ready to jump into a new year with new intentions from day dot. 

It’s important to acknowledge different areas of our lives when it comes to setting resolutions. We have different measures of success and these can ebb and flow depending on how other aspects of our lives are going. 

Sometimes work goals take a priority and your home life and relationships take a back seat... 

Sometimes we want to be all in with family life and it’s not so important how our career is going…

 Sometimes we get really sick and have to drop everything else to simply rest...


So let’s take care of all Three Pillars of Happiness simultaneously:


1. Health

Set yourself a goal for your health. You are your greatest asset and you need to keep investing in your body, mind, and spirit. Think of a resolution for 2022...what is the biggest health goal you want to achieve?


2. Wealth

A Money and Mental Health survey found that, while unwell, 93% of people spent more than usual and 92% found it harder to make financial decisions (Money and Mental Health).

How we feel about our money has a huge impact on our well-being. Think about what wealth means to it reaching a financial target? Is it thinking more abundantly? What is your biggest wealth goal for 2022?



3. Sharing

Life is more fun when we do it together! We need to nurture our relationships as let’s be honest...we can’t do it all alone. What is the one thing you want to turn around next year with your relationships that will make you feel 2022 is a year worth remembering?


Now write these out on a post-it, as your screensaver, or in a secret email sent to yourself.

You are officially ready to dive into 2022 knowing you’ve got it sorted.

And all the fun and wins, challenges, and setbacks will just be ebbs and flows on the road towards your dream outcomes.

Can’t wait to see what you make of the year to come!

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