Financial Foundations Programme

Supporting women entrepreneurs in uncapping limitations and pursuing passions to create financial independence.


Who this IS for: 

  • Massive action takers
  • Those who are questioning and curious
  • People who take initiative
  • Those willing to be seen and vulnerable
  • People who are committed to doing the work
  • Those who embrace change
  • People who allow themselves to have fun!
  • Those willing to make mistakes along the way
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Who this is NOT for:

  • People who are not willing to take any action
  • Those stuck in scarcity
  • People who aren't open to investing time & energy
  • Those not willing to be vulnerable
  • Those who don't take on feedback 
  • People who want me to do the work for them
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  • A refreshed money mindset, free from limiting beliefs
  • Shift from overwhelm to strategy, procrastination to productivity, confusion to clarity
  • Feeling aligned and passionate about exactly what you do
  • Attracting clients that are matched to you
  • Financial growth & consistency
  • Connecting purposefully on a daily basis, thriving in your business & personal life
  • Equipped with the right money, marketing and business tools & practices
  • Being held accountable to your goals and dreams
  • Enhancing your intuition so you know what is the right decision for you & your clients
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We hear you. We have two options where you can choose which payment plan best suits you.

Financial Foundations Programme

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Financial Foundations Programme

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Financial Foundations Programme

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What clients are saying...

“Prior to the Financial Foundations Programme with Lia, my financial situation was in disarray. I was in an ever-increasing amount of debt with little-to-no hope of gaining financial freedom. Money worries consumed the majority of my time and this in turn affected my moods, decision making, relationships and livelihood. In all, my life was a bit of a mess! The sessions with Lia were very well organised. Each session had clear themes, goals and outcomes. I was provided with all relevant materials before each session including workbooks, action lists and friendly reminder emails from Lia. Having so much transparency beforehand meant that I could go into each session prepared and without feeling overwhelmed and anxious, which was how I usually felt discussing money matters....

Vikki Adams

“Over these past few months, I've been working with Lia to tackle my financial hurdles and obstacles. I thought I'd share some thoughts and inputs. I grew up in a household which NEVER spoke about money. We didn’t have a lot of money growing up, I didn't realise this until I was older. Money was always an uncomfortable topic and I was never taught any financial knowledge at all from family members nor school. Through one to one sessions, Lia and I were able to decipher my limiting beliefs surrounding finances, and build upon my money knowledge...

Aisha Khatun

"Working with Lia was great. We set goals from the start to ensure I felt I had achieved everything I wanted by the end of our sessions.
When we began working together I did not have any sort of system in place for paying myself, I did not know how much I spent personally and I felt lost. I also had targets I wanted to meet personally and was unsure how I would achieve them.
Lia talked me through everything and was calm and positive throughout every session. She ensured we covered things I wanted to cover in the session and was quick to adapt if I changed my mind on the topic or needed something explained differently. She was available outside of sessions for any questions I might have.
I would recommend Lia to anyone who wants to work with someone who will explain things in terms you can understand, is prompt, reliable, honest and knowledgeable in finance. She will cheer you on and make you feel like you can achieve any goal you wish to focus on.
I have now achieved one of my huge goals with Lia's support. I have also learnt that taking time out and rest can actually be classed as work because you need to be recharge

Shannon Murphy



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