The Thriving Business Toolkit 💕

Beautiful and Easy-To-Use Spreadsheets & Templates PLUS A Guide To The Exact Workflow I Use To Run My Business
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Thriving Business Toolkit


What does the toolkit provide?


✅ 15+ beautiful and easy-to-use spreadsheets, templates & workflows

✅ 2-Part Masterclass to set you up in the Finance Flow System ©

✅ A guide to the exact workflow I use to run my business

✅ Video tutorials and written prompts to help you get the most out of all the tools

 Lifetime access to all the tools in digital format for you to download and make your own!

Ready to finally reach your goals?
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Imagine if...


✔️ You had the tools and workflows you need to turn your big vision into actionable steps?

✔️ You had a simple and fun way to organise your business and finances?

✔️ You could grow your business and income working the way you want?

...without spending every free hour hustling, feeling burnt out, overwhelmed or procrastinating, investing lots of money trying to find the right help?


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How the Toolkit helped me...

As an online business owner I know how important it is that there is flow and balance between your personal and business life.


You love your business AND you want to have more time to do the things you love outside of work too. You want to be able to take time off, choose the hours you want to work and treat yourself and your loved ones, while still being able to grow your business and serve your clients.

And that's exactly why I created the Thriving Business Toolkit (TBT) – a bundle of spreadsheets, templates and workflows specifically designed to make your life easier, more productive, and more balanced, while staying true to your authentic self. 

These templates and tools are the exact ones I use to run my own business. They have allowed me to:


✅ Hit 7-10k consistent months

✅ Keep my team small and agile

✅ Take time off when I need to without everything breaking

✅ Communicate across multiple timezones with team members and clients with ease

✅ Feel GREAT about my financial position

✅ Stop getting overwhelmed by all the fancy business talk

✅ Build a system that aligns with my own personal and business goals

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So now you've heard about the Thriving Business Toolkit...

But what's included?


The Thriving Business Toolkit comes in right at that cross section...where personal finance meets business owner *sighs relief*.

Who the Toolkit is for:

✨ Coaches, Creatives & Consultants who have an idea for a business or a side hustle they are ready to launch, but lack the tools or workflow to take the plunge.

 Established Business Owners and Entrepreneurs who have had some success, but are ready to become serious about skyrocketing their online business and income, bringing balance and clarity into their lives and need the business behind-the-scenes to do so!

The Finance Flow System

The only place you will see this in the world! Financial spreadsheets to help you track all your numbers (including a net worth dashboard, budgeting, cash flow projections, invoicing, expense tracking, tax time tracking and event / launch budgeting)

Product Builder and Launch Tracker

Plan your event or product launches in advance, identify your pricing sweetspot, stay on budget and deliver on time

Online Marketing Management Workflow

Stay consistent with a brand and messaging strategy that is authentic to you

Sales Lead Tracking Process

Keep everything in one place and not let any customers fall through the gaps!

Customer Service Workflows

Ensure you're providing a 5-star experience for your clients or customers

Productivity Tools

Help you manage your time and tasks

📹 Video tutorials and written prompts to help you fill them all in...and much more!

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How the Toolkit will help you.


The Thriving Business Toolkit is designed to simplify your business operations and help you achieve your goals. With these BEAUTIFUL and easy-to-use spreadsheets and templates, you'll be able to:

⭐ Stay organised and on top of your personal and business finances

⭐ Project your business's financial future and make informed decisions

⭐ Determine the best price for your products or services

⭐ Create a consistent online marketing strategy that is easy to stick to even when you're busy or on holiday

⭐ Provide an excellent customer experience that your clients will be RAVING about

⭐ Boost your productivity and efficiency  

⭐ And ultimately, grow your business!

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Hey 👋 I'm Lia.


...and I founded Get Comfy With Money in April 2020. I know how it feels to want to build your own business and live your life YOUR way. I was a struggling entrepreneur with no real direction and a whole lot of debt. I had attempted to start several businesses during my 20’s and had consequently landed myself in over £27,000 worth of credit card debt. I needed to make money fast, but I didn’t want to go back into a 9-5 job…I still believed that I could make a business out of my passion - which is helping others to THRIVE doing what they love. But I had no real education, inconsistent income, no roadmap or plan on how to get there, and no clarity.

I worked really hard, I gained a few clients, made a little money and I knew I was willing to do what it took, but I quickly learned a hard lesson: you can have all the desire & motivation in the world… but unless you know how to create a CLEAR PATH to YOUR GOALS and stick consistently to the steps along the way… unless you know how to overcome your mental roadblocks and how to organise yourself - it’s not possible to build your dream business.

So I set off on a mission to learn everything I could about managing money and building a thriving business, in an effort to bring myself from inconsistent results and zero clarity to making consistent income and helping others do the same.

In my search to master everything about money and business, I was able to become so confident about my own finances and so clear about my business mission that I pulled myself out of credit card debt completely. I was able to buy a house and live my dream of working anywhere, travelling constantly and continuing to work with clients all over the world... And everyone started asking how they could replicate the same results in THEIR lives too.

So, I put together a toolkit to teach my signature methodology that has allowed me to live the life I want NOW and to feel really confident - and excited - about money. This is how "Thriving Business Toolkit” was born!

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Why I'm different.


 ✔️ I care deeply for your inner fulfillment, transformation, and happiness

✔️ I hold you accountable to your goals and help you transform them into action

✔️ I share everything - I believe in collaboration over competition, so you can take my tools and workflows, make them your own and share those on too - I believe the more we share the more we grow

✔️ I show you how to create flow between your personal and business finances ​holistically in the areas of Debt, Spending, Saving, Income and Investment

✔️ I’ve listened to your wants and needs and now help you figure out how to build a thriving business according to the lifestyle YOU want and I support you through real life experiences, not just a textbook approach to organising your business and finances

✔️ ​I use an integrated learning approach with video, visual and written tutorials and prompts to complement the spreadsheets, templates and workflows provided

✔️ I am 100% results-driven - you get lifetime access to the training materials and resources

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Frequently asked questions.


If you take this Toolkit, fill all the spreadsheets and templates in (and email me to troubleshoot) and are not happy with your results, I’ll give you a 100% refund. No questions asked.


If you are ready to skyrocket your income and business...🚀

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