Here's what my clients have to say about Lia of Get Comfy With Money...

"Hugely organised, empathetic and a genuine force of nature, Lia helped lift the emotional burdens I had about money, so that I could level up my business."

Joanne C.

"Get comfy with money has helped me to get past the dread of doing my finances and make money more interesting and relatable.
It’s inspired me to make monthly finance dates with myself, glass of wine, mini charcuterie board and all!
By breaking down my finances into monthly dates and making the time less daunting and more enjoyable, I now feel more in control and less overwhelmed. Thank you!!!"

Hazel Mae

"Over these past few months, I've been working with Lia to tackle my financial hurdles and obstacles. I thought I'd share some thoughts and inputs. I grew up in a household which NEVER spoke about money. We didn’t have a lot of money growing up, I didn't realise this until I was older.

Money was always an uncomfortable topic and I was never taught any financial knowledge at all from family members nor school.
Through one to one sessions, Lia and I were able to decipher my limiting beliefs surrounding finances, and build upon my money knowledge. In these sessions, I felt heard, understood, not judged and supported. Lia has a breadth of knowledge in different fields: business, finances, marketing etc, and she helped me tackle and overcome my hurdles in order to help me be in control of my finances, and in turn, develop my side hustle.
There were so many benefits from working with Lia, but my top ones were:
• Tackling my limiting beliefs – understanding where they stem from, and knowing how to shift them so that I don’t hold myself back anymore
• Learning about money, specifically the different ways I can invest in myself
• Developing lifelong goals and creating a step by step roadmap on how to go about achieving them
At present, I am more aware of my finances and my budget - I feel in control. Money isn't a topic that makes me feel as uncomfortable nor anxious as it use to. In fact, I want to learn more about money and specifically the different forms of income investment!"

Aisha Khatun